Volume 5, Issue 4 • September 24, 2007

Faculty News

Steve Hager was on the planning committee for the recent Midwest Birding Symposium (13-16 September 2007), a meeting for bird enthusiasts in the Great Lakes region. This year's meeting in Moline, IL , featured guest speakers, workshops, and field trips to local birding sites. Talks had a conservation biology theme, which included bird ecology of shade trees in coffee-growing regions, habitat preservation programs in Iowa , Trumpeter Swan recovery in Minnesota , and the effects of global warming on bird populations. Steve gave a talk on the impact of window collisions by birds at commercial buildings.

Several Augie students—Chris Bertram ('08), Kate Maloney ('08)—ran the computers for presentations. Jenna McAdam ('07) coordinated all the sessions and was informally voted by the presenters as the most important person at the symposium. Jenna could get any presentation to work on any computer...the presenters were most appreciative and impressed. Several Augie alumni attended: Steve Freed ('84) and Carla Wagner ('02).

Augustana's presence and support was appreciated by the entire planning committee and the symposium's attendees.

Photo, left to right: Jenna McAdam, Arlyce Musal (QCCVB), Steve Hager, Paul Baicich (ornithologist), and Kelly McKay (local ornithologist)


An article published in The Rock Island Argus and Moline Dispatch on August 29, featuring Reuben Heine's research and his department's boat, can be viewed at the following url: http://qconline.com/archives/qco/print_display.php?id=352044  


On September 20 th , Wendy Hilton-Morrow was an invited speaker at the public symposium “Are Local and National Media Serving Public Interests?” The event, held at the Bettendorf Library, was organized by the Quad Cities Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.


Along with working on the log cabin he is building in Montana and raising pheasants this summer (a new endeavor), Dan Lee returned to China as part of the People to People Ambassador Program Philosophy Delegation, presented a paper at an Oxford Round Table discussion at Oxford University, and participated in the 2007 Convocation of Teaching Theologians at Lenoir-Ryne College in Hickory, North Carolina.

Comprised of twelve delegates, including three in religious studies, the 2007 People to People Ambassador Program Philosophy Delegation met with faculty members at six prominent Chinese universities—Renmin University and Beijing Normal University in Beijing, the Jiangsu Institute of Education and Nanjing Normal University in Nanjing, and Shanghai University and Shanghai Normal University in Shanghai. When the meetings were concluded, Dan joined several other members of the delegation for a visit to Lhasa , Tibet .

The Oxford Round Table in which Dan participated addressed the topic “Ethical Sentiments: The Waning of Trust in Government.” The paper he presented was entitled “The Erosion of Moral Standards in Government: Is What It Takes to Get Elected the Root of the Problem?”