This week in brief

Monday, September 8
4:00 p.m. – LSFY 102 Meeting  for All LS102 Faculty
Founders Hall Basement Lounge

4:00 p.m. – LSFY 103 Meeting for New Instructors Only
Faculty Parlor in Old Main

Tuesday, September 9
8:30–9:30 a.m. – Walk-In Hour with Jeff
116 Founders Hall 

11:30–11:50 a.m. – Reflections – Rebekah Petrone, '09
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

7:30 p.m. – Guest Speaker, Robert Steele
Larson Hall, followed by Art Museum Reception

Wednesday, September 10
9:30 p.m. – Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Thursday, September 11
10:30–11:20 a.m. – Convocation – Keith Hampton – “The Healing Power of Music”
Centennial Hall

Friday, September 12
3:30 p.m. – Friday Conversations
Wilson Center
Ann Ericson, “Summer School in Vietnam: Teaching Capitalism in a Communist Country” and Lori Scott, "Integrating Student Research in Genome Science Throughout the Biology Curriculum”

Saturday, September 13
1:30 p.m. – Family Day Tour
Art Museum

Sunday, September 14
10:30 a.m. – Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

5:00 p.m. – Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Volume 6, Issue 3 • September 8, 2008

A Message From Academic Affairs

Celebration of Faculty Scholarship and Teaching Event

Telling the Augustana story should include celebrating the scholarship and teaching pedagogy of our faculty. In that light, an event has been scheduled for the seventh week of the fall term in the Thomas Tredway Library to feature faculty scholarship and teaching contributions. The library will display examples of faculty scholarship and teaching pedagogy for the entirety of week seven. We will end with a reception/presentation on Friday, October 10 from 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Two faculty will be invited to present, one on their research and another on a topic of teaching and learning. A call will go out later this week, requesting materials for the celebration.

All faculty will be invited to submit recent publications, presentations, performances that reflect their academic scholarship. This will include books, articles, programs, catalogues, recordings, etc. completed in the last two years. We will also ask faculty to submit examples of effective classroom pedagogy around 3 or 4 specific topics to be announced within the call. Our goal is to illustrate how faculty from different disciplines approach ideas on teaching and learning.

We do hope you will consider participating in the event and celebrating your achievements. Stay tuned for the call!

Mike Green
Augustana Center for Teaching and Learning

Carla Tracy
Tredway Library

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