This week in brief

Monday, September 8
4:00 p.m. – LSFY 102 Meeting  for All LS102 Faculty
Founders Hall Basement Lounge

4:00 p.m. – LSFY 103 Meeting for New Instructors Only
Faculty Parlor in Old Main

Tuesday, September 9
8:30–9:30 a.m. – Walk-In Hour with Jeff
116 Founders Hall 

11:30–11:50 a.m. – Reflections – Rebekah Petrone, '09
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

7:30 p.m. – Guest Speaker, Robert Steele
Larson Hall, followed by Art Museum Reception

Wednesday, September 10
3:45–5:15 p.m. – Teaching Circle
Wilson Center

9:30 p.m. – Evening Prayer & Holy Communion
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Thursday, September 11
10:30–11:20 a.m. – Convocation – Keith Hampton – “The Healing Power of Music”
Centennial Hall

Friday, September 12
3:30 p.m. – Friday Conversations
Wilson Center
Ann Ericson, “Living & Teaching in Vietnam” and Lori Scott, “Sabbatical Report”

Saturday, September 13
1:30 p.m. – Family Day Tour
Art Museum

Sunday, September 14
10:30 a.m. – Sunday Morning Worship
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

5:00 p.m. – Sunday Catholic Mass
Ascension Chapel, 2nd Floor, Founders Hall

Volume 6, Issue 3 • September 8, 2008

Faculty News

Kristin Douglas presented two posters at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology held at the University of Pennsylvania July 26–30, 2008. One poster, A Developmental Biology/Medical Ethics undergraduate learning community: a novel approach to explore value-laden social and ethical issues related to developmental biology , was coauthored with Dan Lee and described our learning community. The second poster, A dominant suppressor of the fog-1(q253 ts ) allele maps to C.elegans LGII , was coauthored by Augustana students Ashley Caravelli (Biology/Pre-Med '08) and Joshua Lyphout (Biology/Pre-Med '08).

Over Labor Day weekend, Margaret Farrar delivered her paper "Home/sick: landscape, place, and memory in New Orleans" at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Boston, MA.  Her paper was part of a panel she put together on urban space and democratic politics. 

Norm Moline , Hamming Professor of Geography, has been invited to be one of the available speakers for the Illinois Humanities Council Speakers Bureau for the 2008-2010 period.   The lectures approved by the IHC that will be listed are:  “Renewals and Reinventions:  River Towns on the Upper Mississippi River,”  “Mobility and the Small Town:  Transportation Change 1900-1930,” and “The Initial Evaluation of the Illinois Prairie 1815-1840.”    Under this program a professor can give up to twelve programs per year at meetings/conferences of qualified sponsoring organizations throughout the state with compensation and reimbursement coming from the IHC.

A brief highlight and photos of Paul Olsen's Minnesota Cross Country Camp 2008 can be seen here.

Kristy Nabhan-Warren is happy to announce that her second book, Healed and Renewed: American Catholics and the Three-Day Christian Retreat Movement  is under contract with The University of North Carolina Press, a top five press in American religious history and American Catholicism.

A request: If any Augustana faculty or staff member has been involved in a three-day retreat including, but not limited to the Catholic cursillo, TEC, Kairos, or the Protestant cursillo or Walk to Emmaus, Kristy would love to interview you! :)

This summer Kristy also submitted two essays that will be forthcoming in edited volumes and she is currently finishing up a third chapter for an edited volume on American Catholicism.

Kristy has also been invited to be the Regionally Elected Director of the American Academy of Religion. As Regionally Elected Director, Kristy will be in charge of organizing the midwest region's annual spring meeting held in Chicago. She will also be on the National Board of Directors and will have voting privileges and a few other perks like VIP housing (the coolest perk!).