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Project Kaleidoscope

From the PKAL National Office:

We invite you to review the most recent installment of Project Kaleidoscope Volume IV: What Works, What Matters, What Lasts .  Continuing summer postings from the PKAL archive, we present Some Words of Wisdom for STEM Leaders to reflect on at the beginning of a new academic year.  Following these "wise words" are three sets of questions, from the PKAL Leadership Tool Box, intended to stimulate both fruitful reflection and an agenda for action for the coming year. 


Such questions will be explored at the 2007 Faculty for the 21 st Century (PKAL F21) National Assembly, and are also incorporated into the call for nominations for members of the PKAL Class of 2007.  Senior colleagues are asked to identify colleagues who are demonstrating potential for leadership at the local and national level.  The power of the PKAL F21 network is its potential for the kind of cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional conversations about leadership that truly shape the future of the undergraduate STEM learning environment.


2007 PKAL F21 National Assembly



Nomination Procedures: PKAL F21 Class of 2007



Call for Statements: PKAL F21 Classes of 1994 – 2006



News from the Teagle Foundation


Momentum is building to develop more systematic ways of improving student learning and engagement in the liberal arts and sciences. The Teagle Foundation is glad to be a part of this process, primarily through our support of faculty-led work in the area, but also through our participation in discussions about some of the biggest issues affecting undergraduate education today. We are committed to disseminating the knowledge generated by these efforts and this newsletter is just one of the ways we are doing so.

In this issue, we are pleased to announce:

NEW GRANTS —The Teagle Foundation recently announced over $575,000 million in new grants to promote and strengthen liberal education.

  • 12 collaborative planning grants in assessment , up to $25,000 each, to fund collaborative projects led by Belmont University, Case Western Reserve University, College of the Holy Cross, Fairfield University, Goucher College, Haverford College, Hendrix College, Rhodes College, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Seattle University, University of Southern California, and Ursinus College.
  • $20,000 will support the Council for Aid to Education as it convenes a consortium of 40 research universities to forward its Collegiate Learning Assessment project.
  • $75,000 to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences for its "Template Project" will fund the development of an information structure for the humanities, similar to what has long existed for the sciences.
  • $100,000 will fund a multi-institutional Fresh Thinking Working Group led by Skidmore College for a project that will test the effectiveness of small group dialogues in enhancing sophomore engagement and learning.
  • $85,000 will fund college preparatory activities at East Harlem Tutorial Program, Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement House, Overcoming Obstacles, and Project Reach Youth.
  • Learn more about how the Foundation develops and implements programs.


Grantee Publications

Other Recent Publications

Teagle Blogs


  • Leslie Dunn talks with Bob Connor about Vassar College 's College-Community Connections project with Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, a New York City based organization that helps young people of color develop throughout high school, college, and their careers.
  • Jonathan VanAntwerpen of the Social Sciences Research Council led the Teagle-supported SSRC Guide on The Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates, mentioned earlier in this newsletter. Listen to a podcast conversation among Mr. Antwerpen, SSRC President Craig Calhoun, and Bob Connor.
  • Judith Eaton , President of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, discusses the state of accreditation in higher education with Bob Connor.
  • Bob Connor speaks with Andrew Delbanco of Columbia University on the future of American undergraduate education.
  • These and other Teagle Podcasts are available on our website.


  • This past April, the Foundation gathered twenty participants from teaching and learning centers at liberal arts colleges and research universities, foundations, and regional consortia for a day-long Listening in New York City . The purpose of the meeting was to explore how we might use new knowledge about how students learn (especially in cognitive psychology and neuroscience), our improved understand of effective teaching, and better assessment techniques to enhance student engagement and learning. We wanted to determine what, if anything, is happening "on the ground" at college and university campuses in this regard, and if any of this new knowledge has made its way to faculty and the classroom. A report on the day's meeting is now available on our website.

Visit our website— www.teaglefoundation.org —for the most up to date news on the Foundation.

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