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May 8, 2006

Faculty News


Dan Corts attended the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago May 5th & 6th. He moderated a panel on graduate school admissions for Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, as well as serving on the steering committee. He collaborated on two presentations with his students and two other students presented their senior seminar projects.


1. Speaker Identity and the Resolution of Lexical Ambiguity
Sarah Konfirst, Kyle Ferguson, Rosalind Nguyen, Daniel Corts
2. Need vs. Don’t Need as Intentional Forgetting Cues
Lauren Golombek, Lauren Bouchard, Mike Standriff, Daniel Corts


Senior projects
3. Interdependence vs. Independence in College Students’ Willingness to Live at Home
Sarah Leffring
4. Prejudice on Campus: Implicit and Explicit Attitudes towards Fraternity and Sorority Members
Brett Wells


On Saturday, April 29, Kristin Douglas attended the Tri-State C Elegans Meeting at Purdue University. Caenorhabditis elegans researchers from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky gathered to discuss their recent experimental data. She presented a poster entitled, “Identification of dominant suppressors of the fog-1(q253ts) allele.” The poster was coauthored by Augustana students, Meaghan Bychowski (Biology major ’06) and Kevin Nelson (Biology major ’06).