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April 24, 2006

Faculty News


Laura Greene and Dara Wegman-Geedey presented at the 2006 Carnegie Colloquium on SoTL: "Evidence, Impact and Momentum" on April 1&2 in Madison, WI. They had a panel presentation with Jo Paoletti, a professor in American Studies at U Maryland, who they found through a literature review on development inquiry skills. The seminar explored the intersection of three projects aimed at understanding and improving students’ inquiry skills. Although these projects emerged from different disciplines and different curricular levels, all revealed a common tendency of students to view questions as discrete, limited, and close-ended tasks. They began by summarizing their research and then laid out new work they hope will help further define—and narrow—the gap between student and faculty perceptions of the goals of academic inquiry.

Peter Kivisto was a Visiting Professor at Åbo Akademi University, the Swedish-language university in Turku, Finland, during the first two weeks of April. He taught an advanced-level course in social theory to MA and PhD students. On April 6 he also delivered an open guest lecture on “The Future of Citizenship,” based on his forthcoming book with German sociologist Thomas Faist. While in Turku he also met with faculty members at Turun Yliopisto, the Finnish-language university in the city, regarding their application to the Finnish Academy to fund a Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Dynamics of Socio-Cultural Empowerment. He has agreed to serve as one of the Centre’s six Advisory Board Members.