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April 3, 2006



The University of Toronto is pleased to host the annual STLHE Conference: "Knowledge and its Communities," to be held June 14 –17, 2006. Sessions will be held at Victoria College on the St. George Campus in downtown Toronto. Victoria’s ivy-covered campus is a peaceful and secluded space in the heart of this bustling and culturally-rich city.

Early on-line registration for the *2006 Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education* conference is now open. (

Knowledge and its Communities will be the theme for the 2006 conference, flowing logically from last year’s conference in PEI where the focus was on students and their associated learning communities. The student experience will continue to inform this year’s conference, which will also encompass various other sub-themes, including:

  • Acknowledging the multiple, intersecting and overlapping communities in which participants live (home, work, teaching, learning, disciplinary, scholarly, faculty, staff, student, cultural, social, religious, etc.).
  • Capturing the areas where the University of Toronto has a distinctive focus. These include: (i) integrating research and teaching, (ii) specialized teaching and learning approaches in professional faculties such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Management or Business (iii) interdisciplinary scholarly learning communities within the university, and (iv) the relationship between the university and the city in all its diversity particularly through community service learning.
  • Celebrating the richly diverse population in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and at the University of Toronto.