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March 20, 2006



Office of the Registrar

Enrollment Verification Report #2 will be distributed Monday, March 20, 2006 and will be due in the Office of the Registrar on Monday, March 27, 2006.


From the Council of Indepenent Colleges

Students at most colleges and universities are gearing up now for spring break—and many are increasingly choosing “alternative” spring breaks, in which groups of students help those in need by building houses or working in shelters, rather than sunning themselves on the beach. As you send out press releases about your students’ alternative spring break plans, you may wish to include data which show that students at independent institutions are more likely to be engaged in such community service and volunteer activities.


CIC’s Making the Case website includes a section with data on how students and alumni of independent colleges and universities contribute to the public good. For example, the charts below show that alumni were more involved in community service and volunteer activities as students, and are now more inclined to support community service activities than alumni of public universities.


Good luck in making the case!


Laura Wilcox
Vice President for Communications
Council of Independent Colleges


Click here to visit CIC's Making the Case website for more information.