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March 13, 2006

Faculty News


Scott Magelssen co-chaired the Mid-America Theatre Conference’s Theatre History Symposium last weekend in Chicago with Dr. Ann Haugo (Illinois State University). The Symposium theme was “Querying Difference in Theatre History.” Cambridge Scholars Press has expressed interest in publishing an collection of essays from the conference (which would be edited by Scott and Ann). In Chicago, Scott was elected Associate Conference Planner for MATC 2006, and he will co-chair next year’s Theatre History Symposium with Dr. Henry Bial (Kansas University).


Over Spring Break, Kristy Nabhan-Warren presented a paper, "The Stories They Tell: Mexican American Catholics Living Cursillo and Rewriting American Catholic History" at the inaugural conference "Through the Prism of Race and Ethnicity: Re-Imagining the Religious History of the American West" at Arizona State University, March 3-4. There were twenty scholars from around the country presenting their works in progress at this conference and the papers will be published in an edited volume.


In addition, last November, her book, The Virgin of El Barrio: Marian Apparitions, Catholic Evangelizing, and Mexican American American Activism (NYU Press, 2005) was featured on a panel at the SSSR (Society for the Scientific Study of Religion) during which ethnographic methods and the study of religion, and the qualitative approach to studying religion and culture was discussed.