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February 20, 2006



From Tredway Library

The University of Washington Press recently published Fired by Beauty, a substantial book — nearly 12" by 12" — about Anne Gould Hauberg. Gould Hauberg is the first wife of John Hauberg, Jr., son of John Henry Hauberg and Susanne Denkmann, whose papers are held in the Tredway Library's Special Collections. The book's author, Barbara Johns, former chief curator of the Tacoma Art Museum and former executive director of the Pilchuck Glass School, used the Hauberg and Denkmann papers in her research. Photos and text are cited, and acknowledgements include the following: "At Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, Special Collections Librarian Jamie Nelson guided me through the John Henry Hauberg, Sr., papers there."


Anne Gould Hauberg is known for her patronage and advocacy of the arts in Seattle, as well as for her crucial role in the creation of the Experimental Education Unit at the University of Washington. Two of Gould Hauberg's children were born with developmental disabilities and she refused to accept the standard practice of institutionalization, instead pushing for clinical research and mainstreaming of differently abled children.


From the Office of the Registrar

These are the summer registration dates for the incoming class of Fall 2006.


Thursday, June 8 FY
Friday, June 9 Transfers/formers
Monday, June 12 FY
Tuesday, June 13 FY
Wednesday, June 14 FY
*Monday, July 17 FY
Thursday, August 31 Transfers/formers
Friday, September 1 FY


*Please note: due to a scheduling conflict this date has been changed from the previously scheduled date of Friday, July 21.