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January 30, 2006



From the Council of Independent Colleges

Dear Colleagues:


As students complete final exams we are reminded that the goal of a college education is student learning. One of the many strengths of small and mid-sized independent colleges and universities is the engaging classroom experience they provide to their students. Research clearly demonstrates that an engaging education is highly correlated with academic success. The classroom experience at independent colleges is more active and rigorous than at public universities, with more small discussion-oriented classes, more writing assignments and presentations, and more discussions including a consideration of different values and ethics and the perspectives of women and minorities. Data from the National Survey of Student Engagement clearly demonstrate this strength of CIC member institutions.


This month we highlight the Engaging Classroom Experiences section of the Making the Case website. Both first-year and senior independent college and university students report writing more papers and spending more time outside of class in preparation than first-year and senior public university students. Click here for a chart that indicates students at independent institutions experience greater academic challenge on a variety of measures.


Good luck in making the case!


Laura Wilcox

Vice President for Communications

Council of Independent Colleges