This week in brief

Monday, January 28
No events scheduled.

Tuesday, January 29
11:30 – 11:50 AM – Reflections
Megan Carlson, '08
Acension Chapel, Founders Hall

Wednesday, January 30
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Reading
Group: Responding to Student
Reading / Writing Center

Thursday, January 31
2:00 – 2:30 PM – Dean's Office
Walk-In Time with Jeff
Office of the Dean,
Founders, 116

Friday, February 1
3:30 PM – Friday Conversations
Week 7 Seminar, an informal
discussion by and for faculty
Library 2nd Floor, south

Saturday, February 2
No events scheduled.

Sunday, February 3

2:00 PM – Quad CIty Symphony
Centennial Hall









Volume 5, Issue 17• January 28, 2008

A Message From Academic Affairs

No sooner are PUGs complete and registration is upon us once again. Advisors will receive a hard copy of any students who have a PUG report early next week. Your senior advisees will be preparing for their final term at Augustana in the coming weeks and should have declared to graduate in order to receive a hardcopy audit of their degree requirements. If they have not done so they should come see us before the end of the winter term.

For junior, sophomore and first year students, we are very close to completing the Degree Audit implementation and hope to have it available to students and advisors much earlier than the anticipated April date for fall registration preparation. Many thanks to Susan Granet and her team who have made this happen so quickly. During this process of moving to the on-line audit, there will still need to be adjustments made for transfer work and unique circumstances on a case-by-case basis, but students and advisors can access their audit electronically from the time they first enroll at the college. We will be testing the system in the coming weeks and soon you should see the Degree Audit option available on Web Advisor.

Our office continues to appreciate the support and guidance the faculty has provided as we increase the functionality of the Web Advisor software. If at anytime you or an advisee has questions, please stop by to see us.

– Liesl Fowler

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