This week in brief

Monday, January 28
No events scheduled.

Tuesday, January 29
11:30 – 11:50 AM – Reflections
Megan Carlson, '08
Acension Chapel, Founders Hall

Wednesday, January 30
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Reading
Group: Responding to Student
Reading / Writing Center

Thursday, January 31
2:00 – 2:30 PM – Dean's Office
Walk-In Time with Jeff
Office of the Dean
Founders, 116

Friday, February 1
3:30 PM – Friday Conversations
Week 7 Seminar, an informal
discussion by and for faculty
Library 2nd Floor, south

Saturday, February 2
No events scheduled.

Sunday, February 3

2:00 PM – Quad CIty Symphony
Centennial Hall
















Volume 5, Issue 17• January 28, 2008

Faculty News

Anette Ejsing will give her presentation, "Balancing Environmental Fear: A Redemptive Eschatology between Silent Spring and The World without Us," at the Midwest Regional AAR Meeting, April 4-5, at the Dominican Priory Conference Center, River Forest, IL. In the presentation, Anette Ejsing argues for the importance of an eschatology that falls between fear-infused apocalypticism and fear-less evolutionism. She does so by a critical evaluation of the following two works: 1) Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962), which first raised awareness that the spread of chemical pollutants causes environmental changes that might eventually make human existence impossible. It was instrumental in launching the global environmental movement, but it also caused a surge in fear-infused apocalypticism, the most recent expression of which is Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth; 2) Alan Weisman’s recent publication, The World Without Us, which eliminates the fear factor by looking past humanity’s disappearance into an imaginary future where the earth, without the daily pressures of human life, would heal itself. 

From January 8-13, 2008 Scott R. Irelan (Theatre) was in Milwaukee for the Region III Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival as regional coordinator of dramaturgy. In addition to his festival duties, he conducted research and interviews for a book manuscript about production dramaturgy. From January 24-26, 2008 Scott was at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre as the dramaturg for the new play “Little Red Hen” (not a children’s piece). While there he not only ran an opening night post-show discussion of the play but also conducted research and interviews for the aforementioned book manuscript. More details can be found here.

The National Opera Association has elected John Pfautz as its president for the next two years. The organization, made up of voice teachers, opera directors, composers, librettists, conductors, accompanist/ coaches, and performers, has a membership of nearly 800, most of whom are associated with universities and colleges in North America. John has been the Vice President of Conventions for the past two years, planning successful conventions in New York City and Los Angeles. The most recent (early January, in LA) marked the first collaboration with the National Association of Teachers of Singing, as the NATS Winter Workshop was run concurrently with the NOA convention, sharing facilities and presenters. This professional organization publishes The Opera Journal, a scholarly journal, 6 issues annually of NOTES (NOA's newsletter), holds annual Vocal Competitions, Opera Production Competition, Chamber Opera Composition Competition, a Scholarly Paper Competition and a Dissertation Competition. Two major projects supported by NOA are the Legacy Project (encouraging and supporting diversity in opera) and The Sacred in Opera project (encouraging the composition and performance of operas based on sacred themes.) John created the Sacred in Opera project under NOA. The website for SIO is hosted here at Augustana College.

The 6th edition of Human Anatomy by Martini, Timmons, and Tallitsch has just been released. Bob served as co-head author on this text, published by Benjamin Cummings in San Francisco. Human Anatomy has been the best selling college-level anatomy textbook since the publication of the 2nd edition. In addition, Bob will see the publication of the 1st edition of another textbook in April. This book, entitled Histology: An Identification Manual was co-authored with one of Bob's former students, Ron Guastaferri, who served as art coordinator for the text.

Sharon Varallo’s manuscript “Motherwork in Academe: Intensive Caring for the Millential Student” has been accepted for publication in the special Conversation and Commentary issue of Women’s Studies in Communication.

Kim Vivian has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. His entry novel, “Pilger’s Homecoming. The Life and Times of a 60s ‘Radical”, can be found here.
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