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January 23, 2006

Board of Trustees, Augustana College

At its winter meeting last weekend, the board reviewed the following statement of its objectives and responsibilities.

Board Objectives and Responsibilities, 2006


  1. To be certain that steady progress is made in implementing the College's strategic plan and to review periodically the strategic plan to ensure that it advances the College's mission.
  2. To be certain that we have the best person for the job of president.
  3. To be certain that we are solid financially.
  4. To be certain that every trustee understands the nature of the students we are recruiting, what we want them to experience at Augustana, and what we hope for them in life's experiences.
  5. To be certain that our faculty quality is in the top 20% of AAUP IIB colleges and universities in the country and that we have a method to measure such ranking.