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January 23, 2006

President's Goals for the College 2005-2006

Progress Report

January 2006


I. Continue implementation of the academic goals of the strategic plan.



  1. Prepare for and host the site-visit team of the Higher Learning Commission, in order to support continued accreditation. Self study substantially complete.
  2. Support the efforts of the Dean's Office and the faculty to continue preparing for implementation of the Senior Inquiry program. Proposal prepared by EPC with vote by Faculty Senate scheduled.
  3. Conduct a program review of one or two of academic departments and prepare for program reviews across campus. Business administration review underway and education review in planning stages. Outside reviewer to be identified for business administration.
  4. Engage in a dialog with faculty about issues of appropriate use of student teaching evaluations, the scholarship expectations set forth in the strategic plan, and how to attract Ph.D.s in those disciplines with Ph.D. shortages. Dialogs underway.
  5. Begin implementation of strategy for online registration and degree audit. New administrative IT system selected and conversion underway.
  6. Develop a strategic plan for meeting the international program and honors program goals of the strategic plan. International program enhancement recommendations received and under review.
  7. Assess causes of above-average first year attrition during the 2004-2005 school year and develop a plan to address the causes. Report complete and most suggestions in process of being implemented.
  8. Develop a more aggressive academic grant strategy. New faculty grants position created and filled.
  9. Examine advising program and propose appropriate directions. Needs additional progress.
  10. Establish a presidential fellows program to support summer faculty research. Completed with 14 fellows selected.


II. Continued implementation of admissions goals of the strategic plan.



  1. Orient Vice President of Enrollment Kent Barnds to Augustana College. Completed.
  2. Complete the work of the Diversity Task Force and begin implementation of recommendations. Final report expect in May.
  3. Continue to identify strategies on increasing the number of applications and yield, with special attention to yield issues regarding those interested in business administration. Review more aggressive recruiting of juniors and review using predictive modeling. Assess structure of admissions and financial aid offices. Plans being implemented .
  4. Rework major printed recruiting pieces for admissions. Plans underway.
  5. Develop positioning statement for marketing purposes. Completed.
  6. Overhaul recruiting materials. Firm selected; revisions process underway.
  7. Implement integrated marketing plan. Draft of plan completed.


III. Continued implementation of student life goals of the strategic plan.



  1. Develop a strategic plan for athletics. Values shared with board, strategic planning process underway.
  2. Distribute Five Faith Commitments and continue discussion of the commitments. Accomplished.
  3. Adopt a student honor code and take steps toward implementation. SGA and faculty dialog underway.
  4. Complete assessment of campus climate for support of diversity and mutual respect. Address areas of concern. Report expect in May.
  5. Assess whether there is an appropriate degree of integration of student life with academics, including within the orientation program. Addition progress needed.


IV. Continue implementation of campus master plan and implementation of facilities portion of the strategic plan.



  1. Develop financing strategies for Phase One of the Master Plan. Bonds sold.
  2. Implement beginning of building of residence hall facilities. Establish realistic budgets with realistic contingencies. Finish projects within budget. Construction underway.
  3. Begin planning for the conversion of Carlsson to a classroom building and the renovation of Old Main. Conceptual diagrams completed and fundraising underway.
  4. Develop realistic plan to address deferred maintenance on campus. Assessment completed and budget plans developed.
  5. Establish minimum standards for classrooms. Needs more progress.
  6. Develop long-term parking strategy and plan. Committee appointed; planning process underway.
  7. Develop a landscaping plan for campus. Committee appointed; planning process underway.


V. Continue implementation of the financial, information, and human resources provisions of the strategic plan.



  1. Complete assessment of adequacy of staff, faculty and administrative compensation and develop strategies to address any deficiencies. Assessment completed.
  2. Implement the nine recommendations made by Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates (and approved by the Board's Development Committee) relating to the structure and operation of the Development Office. Completed.
  3. Complete feasibility study associated with capital campaign. If the campaign is determined to be feasible, complete solicitation of Board of Trustees and other special friends of the college. Feasibility study completed and solicitation of board members underway.
  4. Refine seven-year budgets, and develop a written strategy on borrowing and conditions to starting construction of new buildings. Budget refined and discussion of borrowing underway.
  5. Develop a budget for 2006-2007 with a 2% surplus and review budgeting process. Budget planning underway.
  6. Complete a plan for developing systems of "best practices" in purchasing. More progress needed.
  7. Selection of new administrative IT systems and ensure that conversion process is nearly complete. Conversation underway.
  8. Work with the Board's Membership and Governance Committee to address issues of Sarbanes Oxley-type safeguards. More progress needed.
  9. Assess ways to reduce our burden on the environment, consistent with proven technologies, prudent use of resources and reasonable payback periods. Explore setting a goal to reduce energy and paper consumption. Committee appointed and discussion underway.


VI. Continue implementation of alumni and external relations portions of the strategic plan.



  1. Appoint President's Council to advise about external relationships. More progress needed
  2. Explore closer relationships with churches with minority membership. Specific actions taken
  3. Establish a Quad Cities College and University President's Council. More progress needed.
  4. Explore establishing a partnership among the larger Quad Cities employers to develop a community-wide business plan to enhance diversity within the executive ranks of area businesses. Initial discussions underway .