This week in brief

Monday, January 21
6:30 PM – HS Honor Band Festival Concert
Centennial Hall

7:00 PM – The Story of You: A Journal-Making Workshop
Library, 2nd floor, South End

Tuesday, January 22
8:00 – 9:00 AM – Walk-in hour in the dean’s office

10:45 AM – Student Recital
Wallenberg Hall

11:30 – 11:50 AM – Reflections – Dave Elliott, ‘08
Ascension Chapel – Founders Hall

3:45 – 5:00 PM - Year of the Book "Book Studies" lecture series
Tredway Library, 2nd floor, south end

8:00 PM – Faculty Recital – Jemmie Robertson
Wallenberg Hall

Wednesday, January 23
7:00 PM – "Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues"
Sister Helen Prejean
Wallenberg Hall

7:30 PM – Visiting Guest Speaker – Dr. Margaret Morse
Larson Hall
Followed by Art Museum Reception

Thursday, January 24
10:30 – 11:20 AM – Convocation – Sister Helen Prejean
Centennial Hall

Friday, January 25
3:30 PM – Friday Conversations –Dan Corts and Esteban Loustaunau
Wilson Center

4:00 PM – JoEllen Scharer, R.N., Ph.D., President Emeritus, Trinity College of Nursing
Science 102

Saturday, January 26
No events scheduled.

Sunday, January 27
No events scheduled.














Volume 5, Issue 16• January 21, 2008


Week Seven Seminar, an informal discussion by and for faculty. (Friday Conversations)

Friday, February 1, 4:00 p.m. (refreshments at 3:30), Library 2nd floor, south

In honor of From Parchment to Pixels: The Year of the Book, the Week Seven Seminar of winter term takes as its topic the decline of reading. Kristin Douglas will lead a discussion based on the article "Twilight of the Books" ( New Yorker, Dec. 24, 2007) in which Caleb Crain speculates on what life will be like if people stop reading. In the article, Crain refers to the book Proust and the Squid by Maryanne Wolf, an account of the history and biology of reading. All faculty are welcome. Article is on Moodle under "Library/Week Seven Seminar."