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January 9, 2006

Dear Colleagues,


After more than three years of effort, Augustana's self study is nearing completion. I thank you for the contributions you have made to this work, whether through active participation in the self study process or through the work you do every day to make Augustana a college that can celebrate its success in accomplishing its mission of preparing students for rewarding lives of leadership and service.


We can all be proud of the accomplishments reflected in the self study, as well as the efforts of the work of the faculty, students, staff and alumni who have guided this process over the last fifteen months as members of the Higher Learning Commission Steering Committee. In particular, the primary writers of the self study--each of whom chaired a subcommittee--have done outstanding work in support of our college. Please join me in thanking Mike Finnemann, Sharon Varallo, Mark Vincent, Craig VanSandt, and Mike Wolf. Likewise, Mike Green, Ellen Hay, Mike Nolan and David Snowball have made extensive contributions to the writing of the document.


Professor Norm Moline suggested the title for our study--Tradition and Transformation--suggesting that these words capture both the present strengths of the college and the expectation that we will build on those strengths in the years ahead.


The self study is available for review at the following site: Tradition and Transformation. I would be grateful if you would send any comments you might have to the Self Study Committee, but any suggestions for change should come in the early part of this week.


The completion of our self study marks a beginning rather than an end, as we now begin preparations for the Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit March 12-15. We have a fine team of our peer reviewers coming to campus, and we will use the Faculty Newsletter and many other forums to introduce you to the findings of the self study, the accreditation process and to the visitors who will be joining us.


I hope that the new year has had a joyful beginning for you and yours.




Jeff Abernathy



This Week

Monday, January 9

4 p.m. Katz Harris Room

LS 112 faculty meeting


Tuesday, January 10

10:30 a.m. College Center Board Room

Explore: "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator" with Kristi Gimmel Becker

Have you ever wondered why other people do things differently than you? The Explore program is offering a seminar that will allow participants to gain a greater understanding of why you do what you do, and why others do what they do. You will complete a 95-question instrument and identify a four-letter Myers-Briggs type that identifies individual preferences. Myers-Briggs is a nonjudgmental instrument that helps individuals and teams understand and appreciate the value of diverse styles. Through activities and discussion, participants learn techniques for working with the different Myers-Briggs preference types in a team environment.


11:30 a.m. Ascension Chapel

Reflections: Kyle Brill '06


7:30 p.m. Olin Auditorium

Explore: "Leading Positive Organizations" with John Weiland

This program brings together a wide array of individual, group, and strategic leadership tools to help build positive organizations that will achieve extraordinary individual and organizational performance. Learn the principles of leadership and life that are essential in creating a positive organization. Ethics and a faith-based approach may seem odd foundations for a successful, secular company in today's world of Enron headlines, but John Weiland, CEO of MH Equipment Company, has made it work.


Wednesday, January 11

Jeff Abernathy will have his walk-in hours for conversations with faculty from 1:00-2:30 p.m.


3:30 p.m. Wilson Center

Faculty and Families: Creating a Culture of Balance

A panel discussion sponsored by WGS/CSTL/Academic Affairs. The following topics will be discussed:

Considering Faculty Priorities and Workload

Ellen Hay will present the most recent Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) data to see how Augustana compares to other colleges and universities.

Mothering and the Small College Environment

Sharon Varallo recently participated in a National Communication Association conference panel on this issue and will share the results of that discussion, including commentary on recent popular texts, such as Judith Warner's "Perfect Madness: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety."

Rethinking Faculty Work in the New Academe

Dara Wegman-Geedey is part of the team planning an American Association of Colleges and Universities conference on this topic and will help us consider the "emerging challenges and changing roles" for faculty all around the country trying to balance family and work.

From Individual Struggles to Collective Change

Kristy Nabhan-Warren will moderate a brainstorming session on possible strategies that could be employed to create a "culture of balance" here at Augustana.


8:00 p.m. Wallenberg Hall

MENC Concert

A fundraiser for MENC and the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It is comprised of student performers, both vocal and instrumental, most of whom are members of MENC. Donations will be accepted at the door, half of which will be given to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation, which will donate this money to providing instruments for children that lost them in the hurricane.


Thursday, January 12

10:30 a.m. Centennial Hall

Convocation — Catherine Goebel, "Origins of Modernity in Art"

The exact origin of modernity in art is debated among historians. Some trace its beginnings to the dawn of the Renaissance out of the so-called Dark Ages of medievalism; others cite the Enlightenment and subsequent American and French Revolutions. Still many art historians concur that modernity began in the second half of the 19 th century, within the movements of Realism and Impressionism, ultimately finding its complete vision in the works of such early 20 th -century innovators as Picasso, Kandinsky and Matisse. Dr. Goebel will introduce the current Augustana Origins of Modernity art exhibition with a visual presentation which will examine various sources and definitions for modernity. This event will be followed by a reception in the Augustana Art Museum where the full-color catalogue, which includes one hundred entries written by Augustana students, faculty and administrators, will be distributed free of charge. Refreshments will also be provided.


Friday, January 13

3:30 p.m. Wilson Center

Friday Conversations — John Pfautz & Jayne Rose


8:00 p.m. Centennial Hall 

CUBOM Major Event: "Second City"

For over thirty years, The Second City has taken its act on the road, performing at colleges, performing arts centers, clubs, theatres, fundraisers, festivals, conventions, and more. Performing a special medley of classic scenes, songs, and improvisation, The Second City's National Touring Company is always original, daring, & hilarious. Almost all Second City actors got their start in the Touring Company, including Bill Murray, Bonnie Hunt, Chris Farley, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jeremy Piven, George Wendt, and Tim Meadows.

Please note: this event may contain mature themes and may therefore not be appropriate for young children. Tickets are free to Augustana faculty, staff and students with ID, $8.00 to the general public.


Saturday, January 14

8:00 p.m. Centennial Hall

"A Committed Life: The Community Calls" — A Celebration in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Come celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with a message of hope and challenge from The Reverend Doctor Pamela Lightsey. Other featured guests include: Berlinda Tyler-Jamison, Trinity Health Foundation; The Reverend Joseph Williamson, Second Baptist Church of Rock Island; Bishop McArthur Anderson, Pentecostal Church of God, Davenport; The Reverend Ronald Quay, Churches United of the Quad-City Area; President Steven Bahls and Pastor April Johnson, Augustana College; The Quad City Community Gospel Choir; The Augustana Gospel Choir; and The Augustana Collegiate Chorale. Join us for the return of a Quad Cities tradition - a prelude of prayer and inspiration to prepare us for the national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We hope you can join us and that you will encourage your students to attend as well. The event is free and open to the public.