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January 2, 2006

Faculty News


Anette Ejsing, together with Dr. Susan Wortmann, University of Nebraska Lincoln, will present a research project at the International SUN Conference on Teaching and Learning to be held on the campus of the University of Texas at El Paso on March 3 and 4, 2006. This project was recently approved by the HRRC and is based on our current research at Augustana College and UNL. It explores the interdisciplinary applicability of the learning portfolio as pedagogical teaching tool.
Presentation title: Diverse Disciplines, Successful Students, Pleased Professors: The Effectiveness of Student Learning Portfolios.

Dave Renneke and Steve Hager have just finished putting together a website for the field stations that highlights background, teaching and research activities, and publications. The website's current address is: http://helios.augustana.edu/fieldstations/ . This will soon replace the current field stations website that is linked with the biology department's webpage.

Peter Kivisto has recently co-authored an article with Derek Ball, a psychologist at the Marriage and Family Counseling Service in Rock Island. The article, “Couples Facing Divorce,” appeared in Couples, Kids, and Family Life, edited by Jaber Gubrium and James Holstein (New York: Oxford University Press, 2006). The article focuses on the divorce talk provided by couples in marriage counseling sessions at the moment when they enter therapy and the counselor is attempting to learn who they are, what their marriage looks like, and what their future prospects as a couple might be.

Rachel Magdalene of the Department of Religion attended the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Lutheran Women in Theological and Religious Studies Nov. 18-19, as well as the 2005 Joint Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, Nov. 19-22, in Philadelphia. While at these meetings, she presented a paper with David M. Valeta of the University of Colorado Boulder entitled “Parodying Law in Daniel 1-6” for the SBL’s Biblical Law Section. She also was the attorney representative on an AAR Special Topics Forum entitled, “The Accessible Career Journey: Employment and Disability.” Finally, Rachel presented a summary of her winning article, “Who is Job’s Redeemer: Job 19:25 in Light of Neo-Babylonian Law,” at the SBL’s Regional Coordinators’ Award banquet, where she was honored as one of the 2005 Regional Scholars. That article appeared last April in Zeitschrift für altorientalische und biblische Rechtgeschichte. She received a $500 travel grant for the meeting in connection with the prize.

Norm Moline (geography) has been a major collaborator on a new book that has just been published in China: Field Guide to the Li River (Guangxi, China: Education Publishing House) by Professor Ru Jin Wen of the Institute of Karst Geology, Guilin, China. Professor Ru gives a guest lecture to our East Asia Overseas Term groups, takes field trips with us, and has visited this campus two times. Norm has worked with Professor Ru on this scholarly guidebook for over ten years, provided organizational guidance, did substantial content editing of the text, wrote the preface and converted Professor Ru's rough form of English ("Chinglish") into good English. Professor Bo Dziadyk (biology), Professor Emeritus Richard Anderson (geology), and Norm's wife Janet (high school biology teacher) also helped with portions of the text. The well-illustrated 80-page book is intended to provide English-speaking visitors to the famous scenic Li River with a book much more scholarly in content than existing tourist brochures and picture books, but not as lengthy as a major academic text. Finally, an outstanding poetic description of the river written by a participant (Pam Mundy) on the 1989 East Asia Overseas Term is used both in my preface and again in the main text. It is a nice example of international cooperation involving a number of people on a book that will be accessible to the public in both English and Chinese editions. If members of the Augie faculty, administration and staff who have visited this site might like to see a copy of the book and then perhaps purchase a copy, please see Norm who will make arrangements to secure copies for you.

Kristy Nabhan-Warren was quoted in the article, “Image of Guadalupe a big pop hit” in the December 12th issue of The Arizona Republic - "She was once just a Mexican icon, then a Mexican-American icon, now she's become an American icon," said Kristy Nabhan-Warren, assistant professor of American religions at Augustana College in Illinois and author of Virgin of El Barrio. "(People) take symbols that sometimes are attached to institutional churches and make them their own."

Jason Peters presented a paper entitled: “Elie Wiesel’s God Incarnate: The Theodicy of Friendship after the Night Problematic” at the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology conference at Katholic University of Leuven, Belgium on November 2-5, 2005. Co-author: Thomas R. Thompson, Calvin College.

At the TASH Conference in Milwaukee, Stacey Skoning, presented “Accessing Curriculum through Dance and Creative Movement” and assisted on another presentation given by the whole education department entitled, “Teacher Preparation for Inclusive Education.” Details can be found at www.inclusion-news.org under presentations and publications. She recently completed an interview for one of LRP Publications journals - Inclusive Education Programs. The interview focused on ways that creative movement can be used to teach in inclusive classrooms.