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January 2, 2006



Have you sat in on a class taught by a colleague who is a fabulous lecturer?  Maybe you've team taught with someone who is able to get discussions going even in intro level classes.  Have you heard someone discuss how they've used 5 minute in-class writing exercises successfully?  Is there a professor your advisees often comment about: "Dr. X uses PowerPoint effectively" or "Dr. Y really gets me thinking" through some novel pedagogy you know relatively little about?


"Best Practices" nominations can be made year-round, anonymously, through the CSTL webpage http://www.augustana.edu/academics/cstl/bestpractices.htm Include the faculty member's name and the pedagogy or learning exercise of interest. CSTL will then contact the nominated faculty members and ask if they'd be willing to open their classroom to a few visiting colleagues for a day to observe the particular pedagogy or learning activity in action. Nominated faculty will be able to choose the visit date and the number of visitors they can accommodate (typically 2-4). Once arrangements have been made, CSTL will announce the Best Practices observation in the faculty newsletter and interested faculty will reserve a spot by replying via an electronic link. Consider nominating yourself or someone else for a "Best Practices" observation. Why not prevent someone else from having to reinvent the wheel?


Problem-Based Learning in Small Groups Workshop at McMaster University

Problem Based Learning in Small Groups Workshop is a pre-requisite to the Role of the Tutor Workshop (also offered by McMaster) and provides an important framework on which the other workshops build and into which subsequent experiences as tutor/facilitator blend.

This workshop is especially recommended to those with little or no prior knowledge of problem based learning, and past feedback reveals that it also provides a good review for experienced individuals


Dates: May 11, 2006 October 5, 2006


To inquire about these offerings, please go to: http://www.fhs.mcmaster.ca/facdev/index.html or call (905) 525-9140, x. 22954.