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The Visiting Team - Who are They?

Although the HLC asks that we do not identify evaluation team members prior to their visit, we are able to offer a snapshot of the sort of people who will be coming to campus March 13-15. They are all from Midwestern, liberal arts colleges, and include: an academic dean, a librarian, a political scientist, and a college president.

The institutions they represent are located in Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska. Three of the institutions share Augustana's Carnegie classification of Baccaulaureate-Arts and Sciences, and one is listed as Baccaulaureate-Diverse Fields.

The Visiting Team Schedule
The agenda for our March 13-15 site visit is still developing. As of the moment the following meetings/activities are stated:

Monday, March 1
8:30am Meeting with the President

Noon Lunch meeting with Trustees

4:00pm Open meeting with Faculty in Olin Auditorium

Tuesday, March 14
8:30am Meeting with the President

Noon Lunch meeting with invited community members

4:00pm Open meeting with Students in Olin Auditorium

Wednesday, March 15
9:30am Exit interview with the President

10:30am Meeting with primary authors of self study and Administrative Cabinet

Please note: Additional meetings will be schedule per the requests of the evaluation team.