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Information Technology Resources
The college is aware of the necessity of remaining technologically current and in 2004 spent $1.5 million on IT-related items, triple the amount spent a decade ago. The upgrade of our administrative software programs to Datatel at a cost of more than $1 million will enable decisions based on ready data, as well as more efficient on-line registration, advising, student course audits, payroll and accounting. ITS has nearly quadrupled its FTE over the past decade. In recent years students report very high levels of satisfaction with campus technology and ITS services. The college will need to consider increases in ITS funding to support innovative student-faculty research collaborations.

Cost of an Augustana College Education: Past, Present and Future
Augustana's tuition and fees have risen at about the same rate as the national average for all four year private and for Midwestern four-year private schools, although our actual cost of tuition and fees has been consistently $2000-3000 more than the average from these groups. But when total student charges (tuition, fees, room and board) are compared, the difference between Augustana's cost and the national four-year private college average is minimal. In real, inflation-adjusted terms, the total Augustana cost has risen about 20 percent in the past decade. Given the great expansion in programs and services, that increase is reasonable.

Strengthening Our Student Resource Base
To meet the enrollment goals of the strategic plan, the college is seeking to attract high achieving students in innovative ways. We already have taken the first steps in that direction through developing the Senior Inquiry initiative, creating a comprehensive integrated marketing plan, expanding our foreign study options and strengthening on-campus communications with current students.

Achievement of Past Goals, Prospects for Future Success
Over the past few decades, the college has envisioned steps to strengthen all aspects of its educational environment, from growth of its financial resources to expansion of its physical and human resources. Intentional pursuit of attainable goals has laid a solid foundation and fostered a culture of charitable giving among our alumni. Since 1977 the college has conducted three successful fundraising campaigns. Each campaign exceeded its goal, surpassed any preceding campaign and finished ahead of schedule. the college has built and renovated an impressive array of buildings since the last HLC accreditation visit, all to enhance the learning/living environment of our campus community as envisioned in the college's mission statement. Thus the funds raised during the previous campaigns have been well used. The quiet phase of the upcoming campaign has been particularly promising with committments of $32,950,000. A feasibility study indicates we can attain the higher end of the recommended range of $80-100 million, given early success.