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We are confident in our ability to achieve our educational objectives in part because the plan includes achievable goals for developing and nurturing key resources.

Human Resources: Past, Present and Future
Since 1995, the total number of full-time faculty has grown by 20, while the student:faculty ratio has decreased from nearly 13:1 to 12:1. The strategic plan intends a further reduction to 11:1. To meet the strategic plan's enrollment goal (2,500 students by 2010) while reducing the FTE, we need about 227 FTE faculty at a cost of approximately $2.75 million/year, to be realized through the additional tuition and fees from the increase of 200 students.

There has been a 15 percent increase in staff (relative to faculty) since the last NCA accreditation, especially in Information Technology Services. The strategic plan calls for a continuing increase in staff and administrators to support the growing student body. At present, we have one-third fewer administrators than our average peer school.

Of the full-time faculty, 96% hold the terminal degree in their fields. Sixty-three percent are tenured, allowing flexibility to meet future needs with new hires. Tenured faculty includes 58 men (65% of the total male faculty), 36 women (60% of the total female faculty) and seven of 17 minority faculty members (41% of minority faculty). We recognize the limited demographic diversity in our faculty and are acting to rectify this problem. Of the 349 full-time administrators and staff, 210 (60%) are women and 139 (40%) are men. Fifty-four (15%) are members of minority groups.

In 2005-06, the average salary for all full-time faculty is $59,787. It is competitive with that of our peer group but are approximately 9% lower than that of our aspirational or “stretch” group. Our average faculty salaries, taken within rank, met the IIB 80th percentile objective in 1996 but have since declined. Efforts to counter this decline include a new policy to give an additional salary increase upon promotion in rank. Associated Employers conducts annual benefit and salary surveys of employers in our region. Augustana uses this information to evaluate compensation and benefits and remain competitive in our local market. For administrative-exempt employees, the college maintains competitive compensation levels based on data from Associated Employers, the Associated olleges of Illinois and Colleges and Universities Professional Association for Human Resources.

The benefits package for all full-time employees includes a pension plan; health, life and disability insurance; worker's compensation; and tuition remission. The Benefits Committee seeks improvements to compare more favorably with our comparison schools. In 2004 the average benefits value offered by comparison groups ranged from 14 to 32% more than our expenditure. The strategic plan goal of adding of $50 million to the endowment from the $100 million capital campaign would enable better compensation packages.