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Augustana does and will comply with all local, state and federal lawss. Recent measures include training for all employees on prevention of sexual harassment, legal review of the Faculty Handbook, establishment of the Office of Safety and Compliance and environmental reviews of property it is purchasing. Accounting systems and internal control procedures at Augustana provide safeguards for the college, students, employees, trustees, creditors and suppliers.

Inside Augustana outlines students' rights and responsibilities, including the judicial systems available for grievances. Student survey results indicate Augustana presents itself accurately during the admissions process and in the College Catalog. Financial assistance is administered equitably. We monitor student satisfaction and ensure the success of our graduates through high quality academic and co-curricular experiences, career counseling and placement services, and assistance in graduate school placements. The student government leads discussions on the development of an honor code.

Faculty and staff handbooks outline employees' rights and responsibilities. Handbook policies derive from administrative decisions, federal and state law and committee action. Committees affecting faculty and staff have representation from both groups. The Faculty Handbook has been revised to provide both flexibility and autonomy for faculty and appropriate structure for decision-making. The Staff Handbook is revised annually. The recent revisions to the Faculty Handbook will lead to substantial, parallel revisions to the 2006 Staff Handbook. Augustana's unwillingness to outsource any of its basic functions is a fundamental expression of the college's commitment to its employees.

The Faculty Welfare Committee—responding to the 1996 accreditation report—has moved to make the tenure process more transparent. Despite progress, recent changes initiated by the administration serve as points of concern. An increasing expectation for faculty research and publication has generated some concern about the impact on currently untenured faculty, and on the traditionally close relationship between faculty and students. Dialogue on this topic began with a Faculty Welfare retreat in 2005. The FWC asked that each department propose an appropriate interpretation for “peer reviewed publication” as a tenure requirement. A department chair retreat continued the conversation, and the dialogue will continue throughout the year.

Augustana seeks strong, principled ties with its local and regional community. The president promotes closer connections between Augustana and the surrounding community. The college hosts various events open to the public. Many students and staff volunteer in the community. Campus Ministries provides students to help in churches, and the Center for Vocational Reflection offers summer internships for students to work in church and non-profit settings. The college is increasingly active in local, state and federal governmental issues. Locally, Augustana engages neighborhood groups in discussions of mutual interest and participates in Rock Island governance activities. At the state and federal levels, Augustana recently hosted events for U.S. Senator Barack Obama and Senator Tom Harkin.