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The college has maintained continuity even while implementing change. In addition to AGES, a new presidency and the strategic plan, notable changes were: the membership configuration and meeting policies of the Board, addition of an Assistant Dean for Multicultural Services and two associate deans to support the administration of the academic program, and a thorough reorganization of reporting relationships and lines of authority within the dean's office in 2004.

This section outlines functions of the administrative structure of the College: the Board of Trustees. the Office of the President, the President's Cabinet, Faculty Governance (Full Faculty, Faculty Senate, Faculty Welfare Committee, Educational Policies Committee, four additional committees that play very important roles in the governance process (the Nominations and Rules committee , the General Education committee, Advanced Standing and Degrees committee (AS&D), and the Student Ratings Supervisory committee (SRSC).

An Evaluation of Governance and Administrative Structures
Augustana has a continuing commitment to collaborative governance and student-centered decision-making. The Constitution of the college requires that decision-making in the key areas of personnel and curriculum be dispersed and shared. The role of the board in these areas, for example, is expressed in terms of its relationship with the faculty and administration; the board acting as recommended by the faculty or the president. The board's Operating By-laws stipulate the presence of campus representatives at all, save executive, sessions of the board meeting. Fors examples, the chair of the Faculty Senate, along with the dean, has voice in the meetings of the Academic Affairs committee, and the principal officers of the Student Government Association assist the deliberations of the Student Development committee. The chair and the president make timely, formal reports of the board's deliberations to the Faculty Senate. The board's initiatives have typically been framed as calls to dialogue and not mandates. The board specifically encouraged the faculty and administration to work together with it to create the strategic plan, Authentically Augustana . The process was both transparent and inclusive. It involved numerous consultations with faculty, staff, students and administrators, as well as many opportunities to critique and revise the plan.

The recent changes in senior administration are inevitably engendering changes in relationships and processes. One of the most significant changes is more open communication between the administration and faculty, and between the Board of Trustees and the president. A result is that administrative decision making is more transparent at the college than in the past.