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A new strategic plan
Authentically Augustana: A Strategic Plan for a Premier Liberal Arts College, 2005

Our new strategic plan, Authentically Augustana, was unanimously adopted by Augustana's Board of Trustees on January 29, 2005 after a transparent and inclusive process involving numerous consultations with faculty, staff, alumni, students and administrators, as well as many opportunities for critique and revision. While maintaining the college's vital traditions and providing explicit support for the college's mission, Authentically Augustana envisions substantial change: demographic (a 10-percent rise in enrollment and a 20-percent increase in staff ), financial (our largest-ever comprehensive campaign) and programmatic (greater faculty research, a universal capstone research or research-based experience, and a series of programs of distinction). In order to become A Premier Liberal Arts College, the Augustana strategic plan articulates six broad goals:

  • Enrich our academic programs to help a new generation of students develop the qualities of mind, spirit and body necessary for lives of service and leadership in our changing world
  • Increase the diversity and academic qualifications of the student body
  • Strengthen our student life, extra-curricular, co-curricular and campus ministry programs, and strengthen their ties to the academic program, to better educate the whole person
  • Develop and implement a new campus master plan
  • Strengthen the college's endowment, financial structure, human resources, physical facilities and information systems
  • Strengthen ties with alumni and external constituencies and promote opportunities for students by conducting ourselves in a manner befitting a good institutional citizen

The centerpiece of the strategic plan is Senior Inquiry, a reflective research program intended to be the culminating experience of an inquiry-based curriculum that will ask students to bring synthesis, analysis and reflection to their college years. A Senior Inquiry project allows students to demonstrate the critical thinking skills they've developed at Augustana and to reflect on the value of their work for the common good.

The strategic plan will be assessed with measurable objectives, including a highly visible self-monitor, the "dashboard of indicators” which the administration regularly distributes to faculty, the board and other constituents.