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Overview to introduction to the Augustana self study

Augustana maintains a tradition of church-related, liberal arts education and commitment to the college mission statement during a period of significant change guided by a long-range vision, its strategic plan. The self study builds on the college's strategic planning process to assess both the strengths and challenges for the college in a thorough analysis of our recent past and planning for the future that demonstrates that the college fulfills the Higher Learning Commission's criteria for continuing accreditation. Augustana College has been accredited by the North Central Association since 1913.

In the past decade, Augustana has undergone significant change yet retained its core values. The three most significant changes of the past decade: our adoption of a new general education program, AGES; the hiring of a new president, Steven C. Bahls; and the development of a new strategic plan, Authentically Augustana. For all that has changed in the ten years since Augustana's last accreditation visit in 1996, we have remained true to our core identity and to our commitment to student learning.

Augustana has responded to each of the concerns and suggestions offered by the 1996 visiting team to make significant changes which have benefited the college.