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Contest to highlight Augustana's mission

Most members of our campus community can readily cite an instance when the college truly lived out its mission. A contest being held in preparation for the accreditation site visit will offer prizes to those who submit the best mission-related stories.

Students, faculty, administrators and staff will soon receive a notice announcing the Augustana Mission Contest. The contest includes prizes for all who submit a written piece or visual expression that focuses on a mission-related experience. We hope to see a wide range of entries as the contest focuses attention on Augustana and its mission in preparation for next month's site visit.

Also, during the first week of the spring term, the college will celebrate the introduction of its marketing platform through a campus-wide scavenger hunt. Augustana's new visual identity and key marketing messages resonate strongly with the college's mission. The scavenger hunt and other rollout events will serve to further focus attention on Augustana's mission.