February 8, 2006


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The team visit

The five-member team that will visit Augustana in March has three objectives:

  1. To determine the extent to which we fulfill the five criteria for accreditation
  2. To provide suggestions for the ongoing improvement of Augustana
  3. To recommend the affiliation status that we should have with the commission

The three-day visit typically follows this pattern:

  • Team members arrive the day before the visit officially begins, and the team chair convenes an initial team meeting.
  • A brief reception or social event may be held early in the evening on the day the team members arrive.
  • An opening session hosted by the institution's president is the initial activity of the first visit day.
  • The team members review the institution materials in the Resource Room and hold scheduled meetings with various representatives and constituencies of the school such as members of the governing board, faculty representatives, student representatives, or alumni and community leaders. Most team chairs ask for a special meeting with the governing board and publicized open meetings with faculty and staff.
  • The team chair and the president meet at least once daily to update each other on the progress of the visit or related matters or concerns. The team chair meets the president prior to the exit session to outline the team's recommendations.
  • Around mid-morning of the third day an exit session is held with the president, the steering committee and others invited persons, during which the team chair shares the team's findings and planned recommendation for affiliation status.
  • The team departs by noon on the third day.

The visiting team follows up with a unofficial written report to the school in fairly short order, but the team's report and recommendations are reviewed by a Reader Panel (or by the Review Committee if the institution challenges the report) before the commission takes official final action.