Chemistry Placement Test

This placement test is required for all incoming students, even if you do not plan to take a chemistry course as part of your major. It is critical that you complete this placement test without help from anyone else. The results of this test will be used to determine which chemistry courses are appropriate for your skill level. We want you to be successful in your courses at Augustana, and determining your current skill level is an important first step in that process.

You may only complete this placement test one time. You must complete both sections (Chemistry & Math) in one sitting. We estimate it will take you 60 minutes to complete both sections (approximately 30 minutes per section). Please do not begin the placement test if you do not have 60 minutes to complete both sections.

Please write down the following email address and phone number. If you encounter technical problems while taking this placement test, contact Mary Windeknecht at 309-794-8290 or by email.