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Transfer Policies

2013-14 FINALIZED 2-3-14 

Transfer Coursework

Students who transfer to Augustana fulfill, with one exception, the same requirements as students who begin their college study at Augustana. The exception is the sequence of courses designed for first-year students. Instead of completing this sequence, transfer students will be required to complete:

  1. One college writing course specifically designed for transfer students, which must be taken at Augustana.
  2. One course in Christian Traditions at the 200 level.
  3. 6 additional credits of Learning Perspective courses (in addition to the 27 LP credits required of all students). These 6 credits replace the first-year LSFY courses (101, 102 or 103) in which they are not permitted to enroll.

These special requirements may be completed prior to matriculation or while enrolled at Augustana.

Transfer students are expected to complete all other requirements of the college either through transfer coursework or while enrolled at the college. These requirements include:

  1. 60 credits earned at Augustana, and the last 24 in residence at the college.
  2. 40 credits at the 300-400 level.
  3. Minimum competency through coursework or testing in foreign language and quantitative reasoning.
  4. One course with an investigative laboratory.
  5. One course in each of the six Learning Perspectives and three additional courses from 3 different Learning Perspectives, for a total of nine courses.
  6. One learning community.
  7. One 3-credit global perspective course and one 3- credit diversity course.
  8. Two credits of physical activity courses or a comparable transfer course.

 Students who wish to enroll at the college as a first year student, but also wish to transfer in AP credits or community college credit must adhere to the Pre-Enrollment Credit Policy.

Students are requried to send their final transcripts (from their most recent high school and/or college experience) to Augustana as a condition of continued enrollment. Please see Transcript Policies for further information about the parameters for sending your transcripts to Augustana and how transcritps are accepted.