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Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

2013-14 FINALIZED 2-3-14 

MAX ARCHER, Instructor (Communication Studies)
B.A., North Texas; M.A., Kansas State

WENDY HILTON-MORROW, Associate Professor (Communication Studies)
B.A., Augustana; M.A., Ph.D., Iowa

STEPHEN KLIEN, Associate Professor (Communication Studies)
B.A., Monmouth; M.A., Ph.D., Illinois 

JARED SCHROEDER, Assistant Professor (Communication Studies).
B.A., Abilene Christian, M.A., Texas Tech

W. DAVID SNOWBALL, Professor (Communication Studies)
B.A., Pittsburgh; M.A., Ph.D. Massachusetts

DOUG TSCHOPP, Instructor
B.A., St. Ambrose, M.B.A., Iowa

SHARON VARALLO, Professor, Chair (Communication Studies)
B.A., William and Mary; M.A., North Carolina; Ph.D., Ohio State 

MAJOR IN MULTIMEDIA JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION 30 credits, including one of MJMC-211, MJMC-212; MJMC-213; MJMC-225; MJMC-250; MJMC-251; MJMC-252; MJMC-301; MJMC-322; and either MJMC-451-452, MJMC-455-456 or 3 credits of 300+ hour approved professional internship. At least 2 of any combination of the following three courses: MJMC-220, MJMC-221, MJMC-225; these 1-credit courses may be repeated and taken for credit or non-credit.

MINOR IN MULTIMEDIA JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION 18 credits, including MJMC-213, MJMC-250, MJMC-251, MJMC-252 and MJMC-301; at least 3 credits of MJMC electives at the 300-400 level.


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