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Women's and Gender Studies



UMME AL-WAZEDI, Associate Professor, (English)
B.A., M.A., Rajshahi University; M.A., Eastern Illinois, Ph.D., Purdue

JENNIFER POPPLE, Assistant Professor (Theatre and Women's and Gender Studies)
B.A., Drake University; M.Ed., University of Utah; Ph.D., University of Colorado 

Major in Women's and Gender Studies

30 credits total from Women's and Gender (WGST) Studies, core and complementary courses, with at least 18 credits from WGST (including 201, 230, 304 and 420) and up to 3 credits from complementary courses. No more than 6 credits can be taken with the same departmental code with the exception of WGST.

Minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

18 credits total with 9 credits from WGST courses (3 credits must be 200-level) and 9 credits from WGST, core or complementary courses (up to 3 credits complementary). No more than 6 credits can be taken with the same departmental course code with the exception of WGST. 

Courses (WGST)

WGST-199 Directed Study (1 Credits)

WGST-201 Women & Change in the United States (3 Credits)
(PP,D) Women and Change in the United States. Exploration of some of the most important issues in women's and gender studies in an American historical context, including education and healthcare, women's work and gender roles, reproductive justice, and continuing struggles against rape and domestic violence. Special attention is paid to ways in which gender, race, class, age and sexual orientation converge to form systems of oppression.

WGST-230 Global Issues in Women's Studies (3 Credits)
(PS,G) Global Issues in Women's Studies. Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of girls' and women's experience of family, education, work, political culture, gender and sexuality. The social, economic and legal statuses of the female are examined globally along with systems that link women around the world, such as media. The parallels and intersections of sex, race, social class and sexual orientation as given statuses within hierarchical societies are addressed as creators of both privilege and discrimination.

WGST-250 Gender and Health (3 Credits)
(PS,D)This course will introduce students to gender as a theoretical framework and a category of analysis in public health. Though the lens of gender, we will examine social and cultural factors that influence the development of an individual's health, health-related behaviors, and treatment options. The course emphasizes the intersectionality of gender, class, race/ethnicity and sexuality. The course will cover a broad range of health issues for which gender dynamics hold special importance, including: sexual health and sexuality; reproductive health; violence; chronic and communicable diseases; and occupational health. We will investigate and debate strategies for improving physical, mental, and social well-being of women and men. WGST-299 Directed Study (1 Credit)

WGST-301 Global Masculinities (3 Credits)
(PS,G) A cross-cultural study of socialization of boys and men that examines how early learning prepares them for later interactions with women and other men. The examination includes analysis of the social institutions and processes that produce and reproduce definitions of masculinity within each culture. New global influences such as media and changing patterns such as migration and employment are considered as they shape meanings of masculinity.

WGST-302 Masculinity in American Culture (3 Credits)
(PS,D) Masculinity in America. Exploration of the various meanings of masculinity as affected by cultural, historical and contemporary forces in post-modern society. Gender is viewed as one of life's chief organizing principles, shaping identities, interactions and institutions in such areas as work, education, health and family. Life experiences and opportunity structures of dominant and non-dominant groups of boys and men are examined.

WGST-303 Gender and Sexuality (3 Credits)
(PH,D) An interdisciplinary approach to gender and sexuality as social constructions, attempting to identify and critique ways in which ideologies of gender and sexuality are circulated in culture. Includes a substantial reflective component.

WGST-304 Feminist Theory (3 Credits)
(PH,D) A focus on classic and current feminist theory in a number of disciplinary fields. In addition to theory, the course examines the process of theorizing, and how this practice is itself gendered, political, and affected by cultural and historical conditions. Prerequisite: Any WGST course except 420 or permission of instructor.

WGST-320 Life Writing* (3 Credits)
(PL,D) Selected autobiographies and biographies by women examined as artistic expression and historical resource. Readings include the lives of subjects from various fields, with discussion of narrative strategies and ethical choices of the authors. Students undertake research projects in biographical writing.

WGST-380 Special Topics in Women's Studies (3 Credits)
Investigation into selected topics about women and women's or gender issues. May be repeated for credit with permission of the instructor. General education suffix varies according to topic.

WGST-380B Queer Theory (3 Credits)
(D) Queer theory is a relatively new field of study, born in the crucible of feminism and gay & lesbian studies, which, in their own ways, argue against heteronormativity, while implicitly upholding the binaries they criticize. Queer theory, on the other hand, holds that no identity categories-namely those related to sex, gender, and sexuality-are inherently stable, and therefore aims to embrace identity in its various fluid, and sometimes liminal, states. It also posits that individuals exist within a constellation of power that they resist and/or reinforce. This course will look at the heart of queer theory-who are its fundamental voices, and what do they have to say about sex, gender, and sexuality? Classes will begin with five minutes of intentional, attentive silence in order to become fully present in class, and, in addition to a number of scholarly readings, we'll take an in-depth look at relevant works of art, including the film Brokeback Mountain and episodes of Glee. Pending approval, as a service-learning project, we'll work with QC Pridefest in early June. And, for your final, you'll create a portfolio of analytic, reflective, and, if you choose, creative writing that addresses a topic relevant to the LGBTQ community that's current and of interest to you, using queer theory as a lens.

WGST-399 Directed Study (1 Credit)

WGST-400 Independent Study (1 Credit)

WGST-420 Sem: Women's Studies (3 Credits)
Seminar in Women's and Gender Studies. Students will pursue feminist research and writing in the disciplinary field of their choice. All majors will create senior inquiry papers or projects that both research and apply women's and gender studies scholarship. The final entries to and reflections on student major portfolios will be completed. Prerequisite: WGST-304

WGST-499 Directed Study (1 Credit) WGST-INTR Women Studies Internship (0-9 Credits)
WGST-INTR-Lxx/Axx Service Learning / Academic Internship (1-9 credits.) Departmental internships must be approved by the department. Analysis of the background, structure and policy issues in the sponsoring organization. Prerequisites: declared major or minor in Women and Gender Studies. WGST-INTR-Exx/Vxx 150 Experiential / Volunteer (0-9 credits.) Departmental internships must be approved by the department.

Core Courses

Anthropology 352 (PS,G) Peoples and Culture of Africa (3)
Classics 240 Women in Ancient Greece (3)
Classics 340 (PS, G) Women in Rome
English 239 (PL) Women in Literature
English 315 Literature for Learning Communities: Women Writers at Work (3)
English 337 Women Writers and Feminist Theory (3) 
History 342 (PP,D) Women in the U.S., 1800-Present (3) 
Political Science 355 (PS,D) Women and Politics (3)
Psychology 230* Victim Advocacy (2)
Religion  323 (PH) Sexual Ethics (3)
Religion 392 Women in Religion (3) 
Sociology 200 (PS,D) Marriage and the Family (3) 
Sociology 202 Social Dynamics of the Marriage Relation (3)
Sociology 305 (D) Social Gerontology (3) 
Sociology 308 Sociology of the Body (3) 
Sociology 320 (PS,D) Women and Men in Society (3)

Complementary Courses

Anthropology 210 (PS, D) Popular Culture
Anthropology 250
(PS, G) Cultural Anthropology
Art History 374
(PP, G) African Art
Biology 310 Evolutionary Biology
English 332 (PL) Adolescent Literature 
English 356 The Developing English Novel 
Psychology 332 Individual Differences (3)
Social Welfare 220 (PP,D) History and Philosophy of Social Welfare (3)
Communication Studies 210 (PS, D) Communication and Social Relationships
Communication Studies 212
(PS) Advertising and Social Influence (3)
Speech Communication 210 (PS,D) Communication and Social Relationships (3) 
Speech Communication 212 (PS) Advertising Influence (3)
World Literature 326* Topics in French Literature (3)

*Students should consult annually with their WGST advisors regarding when sections of these courses are applicable to the minor.


Courses (WGST)