Von Maur

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Number of Positions: 3
Number Remaining: 0

Contact: Carrie Menke
Address: 6565 Brady Street , Davenport, Iowa 52806
Phone: 563-388-2235
Email: cmenke@vonmaur.com
Company Attending Breakfast: Yes
Lunch: No
Dress: Professional attire; Ladies wear skirts or dresses with jackets, sweaters or blouses, hosiery and dress shoes. Men wear suits with dress shirt, tie and dress shoes.
Transportation can be provided by the company, if needed: No
Time concludes: 10:00am-12:00pm
Website: (opens in new window) vonmaur.com

Von Maur is a family-owned, privately held fashion department store and we've been creating our own unique style in the fashion industry since 1872. We are currently a 29-store chain with locations in AL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE, NY and OH. In addition to our 29 store locations we created a new generation of stores, called Dry Goods. Dry Goods offers an ever-changing selection of today’s newest fashions to bring our tradition of old-fashioned customer service to a new generation of customers. To accommodate our customer’s desires wherever they are we also offer merchandise on our website at www.vonmaur.com.

We will be able to host 2-3 individuals for the Buying Job Shadow. The candidates will work along side a buyer for the morning and see their day to day activities. In addition we can host one IT individual to work in our IT Department with a Programmer.

Other-Von Maur is open to all majors for those canididates who have an interest in our Buying positons. Candidates must possess an interest in the Retail Industry.

Areas of interest accepted: Other, Computer Science/MIS/IT

List of students currently signed up: Kayla Aeschliman, Anna Rusch, Mary Militello

All positions for Von Maur are currently filled.

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