Media Link, Inc.

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Number of Positions: 1
Number Remaining: 0

Contact: Natalie Linville-Mass
Address: 1902 17th ST , Rock Island, Illinois 60121
Phone: 309-786-5142
Company Attending Breakfast: Yes
Lunch: Yes
Dress: Business Attire
Transportation can be provided by the company, if needed: Yes
Time concludes: 1:30p
Website: (opens in new window)

Media Link, Inc. is a full-service advertising agency specializing in strategic planning and implementation. Our agency develops and implements marketing plans for retail, business to business, not for profits and Government Entities of all sizes. We have also recently launched our own media buying software nationwide.

The student will have a hands on look at an the ins and outs of an advertising agency. The student will spend time each of our staff learning a bit more about the responsibilities and the different aspects of an agency. Media Link has a variety of clients focusing on different aspects of media, from TV ads to online to public relations.


Areas of interest accepted: Marketing

List of students currently signed up: Stephanie Barr

All positions for Media Link, Inc. are currently filled.

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