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Candidate performance data 2018

Augustana College is proud of its success in producing well-prepared teachers. Evidence of success can be seen in many different ways, including statistics on  students’ performance while they are in the education program, performance on assessments required for licensure, surveys of graduates and employers, and employment statistics. 

Average GPA at program completion

Year Number GPA
2016-17 30 3.49
2015-16 51 3.55
2014-15 49 3.51

Average ACT score at program admittance

Year Number ACT
2016-17 42 24.7
2015-16 37 26.2
2014-15 41 25.8

Majors who graduate in four years*

Year Total "On time" Percent
2016-17 32 26 81
2015-16 50 48 96
2014-15 49 44 90

*The primary reason students do not graduate in four years is because they enter the program late. 100% finish in less than five years. Not all who graduate become program completers.

Students admitted to the education program that later complete it*

Year Admitted Completers Percent
2014-15 43 31 72
2013-14 54 51 94
2012-13 55 51 93

*The most common reasons for students to not complete the program include failure to meet GPA requirements and not submitting the edTPA.

State Assessments

In order to be eligible for a teaching license in the state of Illinois, teaching candidates must achieve at least a minimum score on a test of basic skills (either the ACT or SAT, with writing), a content test, and the edTPA (a performance assessment of teaching). Augustana students do very well on assessments required for licensure.

Percentage of candidates who pass the edTPA*

Year Number Percent
2016-17 30 100
2015-16 50 100
2014-15 NA NA

*This statistic is based on the number of graduates who attempted the edTPA.

The average score on the edTPA (15 rubrics)

Year Number Augustana average Illinois average National average
2016-17 19 46.16 45.4 44.5
2015-16 32 45.97 45.5 44.4
2014-15 NA NA NA NA

The average score on the edTPA (18 rubrics)

Year Number Augustana average Illinois average National average
2016-17 9 57.33 54.9 53.5
2015-16 18 60.22 55.7 53.8
2014-15 NA NA NA NA

Percentage of Augustana candidates who passed their content test

Year Number Percent
2016-17 30 100
2015-16 48 100
2014-15 49 100

*Students must pass a content test prior to student teaching.

Success as educators

After education majors leave Augustana they are very successful in finding jobs in the education and they report high levels of satisfaction with the preparation they received at Augustana.

Percentage of program completers working in education, per year of completion

Year Number Percent
2016-17 30 83
2015-16 51 94
2014-15 49 90

Augustana graduates are effective teachers. The state of Illinois does not provide data related to the effectiveness of our graduates, so we use three measures: how many of our graduates successfully renew their license, self-reported data from graduates, and surveys of principals. 

• 92 percent of Augustana graduates renewed their licenses, based on a three-year sample of 182 graduates from 2010-2013.

• All graduates who completed our survey provided examples of how their teaching positively impacted the learning of their students, as well as specific examples of how their time at Augustana positively influenced their teaching.

Year Number
2014-17 4.03
2013-16 4.13
2012-15 4.07

On a scale of 1-5, how well prepared were you for the first year of teaching?

Year Number Percent
2014-17 4.03 83
2013-16 4.13 94
2012-15 4.07 90

*Survey administered yearly to students in their first three years of teaching.

• School principals (n=11) were asked in a survey to compare the performance of Augustana graduates with teachers from other institutions. Here’s what they said:

Comparing Augustana graduates to teachers from other institutions Significantly
Better Similar Worse Significantly
Knowledge of content 36.4 36.4 27.3 0 0
Knowledge of teaching methods 36.4 45.5 18.2 0 0
Knowledge of the needs of diverse learners 9.1 36.4 54.5 0 0
Ability to design instruction 18.2 36.4 45.5 0 0
Ability to create a positive learning environment 36.4 45.5 18.2 0 0
Ability to reflect on teaching practice 45.5 36.4 18.2 0 0
Professionalism 27.3 45.5 27.3 0 0

Loan default rates for FY 2014

Augustana (all students) 2.7 percent
Private, four-year institutions nationally 7.0 percent
All institutions, nationally 11.5 percent

National Center for Education Statistics

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