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CSD frequently asked questions

Q: Are there any requirements other than those of Augustana's general acceptance requirements to be accepted into the speech pathology program?  

A: No; however, there is a 3.0 GPA overall requirement in the junior and senior years to remain in the major.

Q: How many students are usually involved with this program each year? 

A: 25-30 is typical

Q: What is a typical class size?

A: 25-30

Q: Do students take any sort of introductory class for the program their freshman year or is the first year typically general education classes?  

A: Coursework begins in the sophomore year, including our intro-type class.

Q: Is it common for students in the speech pathology program to minor in Spanish? 

A: In every class, there are a handful of CSD-Spanish double majors; occasionally we have students with a CSD major and a Spanish minor.

Q: Are there any opportunities to study abroad with this program?  Is it common for students to take advantage of this?  

A: There are many, many, many opportunities to study abroad on our campus. We are VERY supportive of our majors taking advantage of such opportunities and approximately half of them do some form of study abroad.

Q: Is the Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association group very active?  

A: Our group is extremely active; a few years ago we won the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association chapter-of-the-year award because of our many and deep involvements. We encourage all prospective CSD majors to become involved in their first year in ASSHA! We are involved in a wide, wide variety of activities, so there is something for everyone!

Q: Is there an option to live on a lifestyle floor with other students from the program?  

A: Residential Life tries to put students together that may have similar interests.

Q: Where do students from Augustana tend to go for graduate school?  

A: Our students go all over the U.S.  Probably half study somewhere in the Midwest.

Q: Are the majority of the students easily placed and accepted into grad school?  

A: No students from any program in the U.S. are easily accepted into graduate school. It's a highlycompetitive process.

 However, more than 95 percent of our majors have been accepted into graduate programs over the past 25+ years.  Over the past eight years, about half of our majors have received funding from graduate programs to help defray their costs.

Royal Ball Run funding helps Augustana support those with autism

Augustana College’s Center for Speech, Language, and Hearing received $25,000 from the Royal Ball Run in 2016. These funds help provide the center’s services to those with autism spectrum disorder.

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