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Art courses


KELVIN MASON, Associate Professor
A.O.C.A., Ontario College of Art; B.A., University of Guelph; M.F.A., University of Arizona

VICKIE R. PHIPPS, Assistant Professor
B.F.A., Emory & Henry College; M.F.A., University of Tennessee

MEGAN QUINN, Professor
B.S., Maryland; M.F.A., Notre Dame

DAVID TREW SCHRIEFER, Part-time Instructor
B.F.A., Northern Illinois University; M.F.A., Illinois State University

B.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology; M.F.A., Arizona State

CORRINE SMITH, Adjunct Assistant Professor
B.F.A., Southern Illinois University; M.F.A., University of Kentucky

B.A., Coe; M.F.A., Temple

MAJOR IN STUDIO ART. 35 credits, including ART-101, ART-123, ART-124, ART-211, ART-391, ART-491 and ART-492. ART-101, ART-123 and ART-124 should be taken within one year of declaring an art major. A media sequence of ART-311 and ART-411; or ART-228 and ART-328; or ART-226 and ART-326; or ART-261 and ART-361; or ART-231 or ART-232 and ART-331; or ART-241 and ART-341; or ART-251 or ART-252 or ART-253 or ART-342 or ART-343 or 343A and ART-351; or ART-303 and ART-311, should be completed by the end of junior year. Of the remaining 9 credits, 3 must be at the 300 or 400 level. A required senior exhibition fulfills a major's capstone experience. Students planning to attend graduate school should take additional studio art credits.

Required supporting courses (9 credits): ARHI-165, ARHI-166 and ARHI-167. One additional Art History course at 300 level is recommended.

MINOR IN STUDIO ART. 18 credits, including ART-101, ART-123 or ART-124; 6 credits at the upper level (300-400). Required supporting course (3 credits): ARHI-161 or ARHI-162.

ART EDUCATION SPECIALIST. 37 credits, including ART-101, ART-123, ART-124, ART-211, ART-228, ART-231, ART-261, GRD 225, ART-342 or ART-343 or ART-343A, ART-493, ART-252 OR ART-311; two courses from one of the following groups: Group I: ART-232, ART-241, ART-331, ART-341, ART-431; Group II: ART-251, ART-252, ART-253, ART-351, ART-451; Group III: ART-302, ART-303, ART-311, ART 362, ART-411; Group IV: ART-226, ART-323, ART 326, ART 328, GRD 222, GRD 273. Also required: 9 credits Art History: ARHI-161, ARHI-162, ARHI-368. See Director of Secondary Education.

Courses (ART)

Teaching Museum of Art

What can we learn from this art? A tour of Augustana's teaching art museum

But what is a teaching museum? Is it something new? Yes and no. Augustana has had an art collection for more than a century but the word "teaching" was inserted into the museum name during the 2013-14 school year.


Yarn “bombs” under construction

Augustana students, staff and community members learned to crochet this week to prepare the Yarn Bomb public sculpture. #yarnbombqc

Senior Art Exhibition Closing Reception

A closing reception for the Senior Art Exhibition will be held from 12:45-2 p.m. The exhibit features the Senior Inquiry projects of the Class of 2018 graphic design and studio art majors.