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2009-2010 Augustana College Catalog

This is an archived copy of the 2009-2010  Catalog. For the current catalog, see

The Augustana Catalog is published annually. The current academic year is available in print to newly enrolling students. The official college catalog in effect for the current academic year is the version published online.

The catalog archive contains previous versions of the Augustana catalogs. Students must adhere to the policies and procedures in place for the catalog year in which they first enrolled, with the following exceptions:

a. A student who interrupts continuous study for three or more consecutive academic terms. In this case if a student is readmitted, s/he must adhere to all policies and degree requirements in effect at the time of reenrollment.

b. The college adopts new policy which will to be to the benefit of students under a particular catalog. Currently enrolled students will be notified by college email of any substantive changes to academic policy or degree requirements.

2009-2010 Augustana College Catalog


Courses and Programs of Study: H-O (82-97)

Contents, Map, Academic Calendar

Courses and Programs of Study: O-W (98-113)

About Augustana (1-16)

Appendices (114-126)

Student Life (17-22)

Appendices: Alumni Association (127-154)

Academic Policies (23-48)


Courses and Programs of Study: A-G (49-81)