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Role of the Peer Mentor

Peer Mentors at Augustana serve two main functions. 

The most visible function is the work they do at Fall Connection.  In facilitating interaction amongst the advising groups, guiding first year students around the campus, helping students move into the residential halls, and performing myriad other tasks, they play a crucial role in the success of this orientation program.  They serve, essentially, as ambassadors to the incoming students from the student body, and help these incoming students to develop a sense of belonging on campus.

The second main function of the Peer Mentors is that they serve as sources of information, comfort, and advice during the school year for the students in their advising groups.  In short, they serve as mentors.  This role requires that the Peer Mentors reach out consistently to the students in their advising group.  In doing so, a Peer Mentor in the course of the year will host small social gatherings, meet individually or in small groups with their mentees, work with the First Year Advisors to foster community, and communicate concerns about individual students to the First Year Advisors.  Ideally, first year students will see their Peer Mentor as a person they can approach when they have questions about campus life, desire advice about their academic choices, or need someone dependable to talk with.