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The Structure of the Advising Program

or, Who Will Be My Advisor?

While at Augustana, a student will have two official advisors.  Incoming students are assigned to an advising group led by a trained faculty or staff person, the First-Year Advisor, and by a student assistant, called a Peer Mentor.  The First-Year Advisor introduces new students to the academic requirements and expectations of the college, and serves as a primary resource for students as they integrate themselves into the Augustana community.  Most students will have a First-Year Advisor that does not teach in their prospective field; instead, this advisor aims to provide an experienced voice to students in a variety of fields and to help orient students to the responsibilities and demands of college academics.

Late in the first year or during the second year, each student will select a major.  When a student enters their major, they will be paired up with their second advisor.  This major advisor will have a more specialized knowledge of the workings and requirements of the major department, and will be able to provide more particular advice and information about the course planning, graduate school opportunities, and career options.  Ideally, the major advisor will serve as a mentor for students as the find their way into their chosen fields.

Students with second majors will have an advisor in each major.