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Planning your four years

For many students, the development of a four-year plan will occur gradually. As a student takes classes and experiences Augustana's offerings, he or she will change and adapt their ambitions accordingly.  Even given this, it's important for students to begin to consider what they might want to during their four years.

Students should talk with their first-year advisors about their long-term plans: what they'd like to major or minor in, for instance, and what kind of career for which they'd like to prepare. Students might discuss more specific plans, too, such as what kind of internship or service opportunities they would like to experience, or what kind of foreign language study they'd like to study.

One important step is to think about international programs. Studying abroad will likely change course scheduling plan since most programs will require a student to be off-campus for a term and/or will offer courses that will fulfill AGES credit.

There are courses of study at Augustana that require more careful planning even in the first year. Students who wish to complete a double major, for instance,will need to be careful to make sure that they are using all credits wisely.

In addition, there are some majors that require considerable attention to coursework in the first year:

Communication Science and Disorders (CSD):  Kathy Jakielski (794-7386), or Alli Haskill (794-7388)

Elementary Education: Deb Bracke (794-8107), Randy Hengst (794-7407), or Chuck Hyser (794-7281)

Environmental Studies: Bo Dziadyk (Biology, 794-3436), or Reuben Heine (Geography, 794-7325)

Music Education: Michael Zemek (Vocal, 794-7656), or Rick Jaeschke (Instrumental, 794-7343)

Pre-Dentistry: Jason Koontz, (Biology, 794-3442)

Pre-Engineering (3-2 program): James Van Howe (794-3403)

Pre-Pharmacy: Mary Ellen Biggin (794-3467)

Pre-Veterinary (3-4 program): Kimberly Ann Murphy (Biology, 794-3444)

Secondary Education: Michael Schroeder (794-7283)