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Exploring Majors

Choosing a major can be a stressful process.  As you try to choose a direction, it's helpful to remember, though, that students often change direction both during and after college, as they discover more about themselves and their interests.  In other words, don't think of the decision as one that is going to define your direction for the next 40 years; instead, think of it as a first step in a long career journey.

The best advice for this process is to talk to people and ask questions.  Talk with family, friends, and faculty/ staff about the decisions they made in college, about their career paths, and about their work. 

In addition to your faculty advisor, Augustana offers a range of support for students who are exploring majors.   If you are exploring big picture questions (what kind of work would I enjoy?  What am I good at? etc...), you might start by signing up for a series of individual conferences with a counselor in the Center for Vocational Reflection (794-8612).   As you start to define to yourself what you want, you can then work with a counselor in the Internships and Careers Office to find out what majors are available, what kinds of careers these majors lead to, and how to get some experience in fields of potential interest (Both the >Internships and Careers Office and the CVR are located in the the Center for Community Engagement in Sorenson Hall).

For a nice introduction to each of the majors at Augustana, including information about potential careers and personal stories, you might start here.

For information about the requirements for different majors and what you'd need to take in the first year for each major, click here.