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Exploring the Core Curriculum

As each registration period approaches, this page will contain links to an updated Matrix of Core Courses. This chart lists all of the courses available in the coming term that meet the requirements of the Core Curriculum. Courses are listed by the day and time each class meets. Be sure to pay attention to the footnotes as they often contain important information.

In the approach to registration for the winter and spring terms, this page also will include a link to the descriptions of the individual LSFY 102 and 103 course (respectively).

Information about the Core Curriculum:

Matrix of Core Courses for Spring 2013/2014

LSFY 103 Course Descriptions for Spring 2013/2014

Late Start Courses for Spring 2013/2014

Learning Community offerings 2013/2014

Learning Community offerings 2014/2015 - new!

Learning Perspective and Suffix courses for 2013/2014

How to Read Your Program Evaluation - New! Listen to this audio recording while you view your Program Evaluation in Arches.

Four-Year Planning Tool - New! Use this document to help you create a four-year plan for graduation.