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Campus Resources

Tredway Library

A new teaching and learning section has been designated on the main floor of the Tredway Library featuring  important resources on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Classroom assessment
  • Portfolios
  • Classroom teaching strategies
  • Effective grading
  • Teaching and learning philosophy
  • Learning and motivation theories
  • A compilation of noteworthy articles on the subject of teaching and learning


Moodle is our web-based course management system (CMS).  Additional resources on teaching and learning are available in the ACTL section of moodle. 

iSalient This software tool allows you to create online surveys or quizzes. The results can be anonymous. You will need to obtain a login from Shawn Beattie.

Smart Classrooms This is a list of all of the Technology Enhanced classrooms available on campus

The Guide to Educational Technology at Augustana College This multimedia presentation explains in detail a variety of educational technology projects possible at Augustana

TechKnowledge Newsletters TechKnowledge newsletters are issued each term. This archive provides easy access to past issues

Campus Directory Go here to look up any student or staff member.

Class Lists Obtain your class lists here. You can also print out a page of photos of everyone in your class.

Faculty Newsletter

This newsletter is produced by the dean's office on a weekly basis throughout the school year and features the latest on faculty accomplishments, upcoming events and faculty resources. Go to the newsletter archive.

Faculty Grant Opportunities

Keep up-to-date with available grants and application procedures through our faculty grants website.