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Teaching Observation Groups

In this peer observation program, a group of four new faculty from different departments meet regularly and provide individual observational feedback for each member of the group. Each faculty member is observed by the other members of the group within a designated period of time.

In an initial group meeting, the faculty member to be observed provides basic information about the class the others will observe, including the syllabus, learning goals, relevant student information, (i.e., skill or knowledge level of student), and lesson plan(s). The faculty member also can suggest any components for which he/she would like specific observational feedback (e.g., lecture delivery, class organization, effectiveness of methodology, pace of class, student engagement).

After the observation period, the group meets again for feedback and discussion of those observations. The second part of the meeting is devoted to the faculty member who will be observed for the next week. The cycle continues until all faculty have been observed and have received feedback.

The feedback is meant to be formative and is not intended to be included in the faculty member's formal evaluation process. It is hoped, however, that faculty will be able to use this feedback to improve student learning and aspects of their teaching pedagogy. Faculty may also receive ideas from their peers about ways to assess student learning by using classroom assessment techniques for their portfolios.

If you are interested in participating in this kind of observation program, contact Jon Clauss in the Center for Teaching and Learning (Evald 118 - x7260).