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Faculty Mentoring Program

The Augustana Center for Teaching and Learning sponsors a mentoring program for new faculty upon request. The program pairs each new faculty member with a "seasoned veteran" faculty member from a different academic department/area with the goal of providing mentoring and support during their first year at the college.


  • Mentors are to be guides for the new faculty on any issue that might be relevant for the new faculty member. This might include introducing the new faculty member to the campus community, answering specific questions, offering advice on concerns or issues, or helping to understand the department or institutional culture. The mentor can also assist with the understanding of college governance, processes and procedures.
  • Mentors are required to treat all interactions and discussions in confidence. There is no evaluation or assessment of the new faculty member on the part of the mentor, only supportive guidance and constructive feedback.
  • Mentors meet once per term for lunch and at least once per term for coffee


Meet once per term in either week 3 or 4 for lunch.

Meet informally for coffee twice each term.