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Learning Community Proposal Form

Names of instructors submitting proposal:

What is the name of your learning community?

What are the two courses that make up this learning community?
Course Number: Title: Number of credits:
Course Number: Title: Number of credits:

Provide a brief description of the learning community (for distribution to students in anticipation of registration):

Describe the structural design of your learning community (see Evergreen description of possible designs):

Describe the common components of your learning community, including:

  • Shared problem, issue, question, or theme
  • Integrative assignment(s)
  • Out of class common experience
  • Degree to which instructors will visit each other's class
  • Other optional common commponents not listed above

Do you plan to incorporate either of the following recommended components? If so, please explain.

  • Common text which demonstrates an intersection of the two disciplines as they relate to the common question/theme.
  • How you might use the Office of Student Activities, The Institute for Leadership and Service, and/or other campus or community resources to help bridge the in-classroom/out-of-classroom gap.

Please upload a syllabus for each course:
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