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A. To evaluate all full-time and adjunct faculty members on a regular basis.

B. To make recommendations to the President of the College in the area of salary, promotion, tenure, and sabbatical leave.

C. To make recommendations to the faculty-as-a-whole in the areas of fringe benefits, insurance programs, and professional meeting allowance.

D. To advise the Dean of the College, when needed, on issues related to faculty staffing.


The chair is elected from among tenured members of the Committee and will receive administrative support from the Academic Affairs Office. (two-year term)

Permanent Members
Dean of the College Pareena Lawrence
Business and Education Division Chair John Delaney (2014)
Fine and Performing Arts Division Chair Stephen Klien, Chair (2014)
History, Philosophy and Religion Division Chair David Ellis (2015)
Language and Literature Division Chair Joseph McDowell (2016)
Natural Science Division Chair Kevin Geedey (2013)
Social Science Division Chair Marsha Smith (2015)

Advisory Members

Department Chair of the individual being considered

Three faculty members of non-tenured status (no two from any one division) when items in functions C and D are being considered (two-year terms)

Doug Parvin (2014)

Scott Gehler (2014)

Ann Perreau (2015)


Revised 01-13-14




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