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Checklist for Post-Tenure Review Materials, Associate Professors

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Please attach this form to the top of your packet before submitting it to the Dean's Office.

Name of reviewee  _________________________________

Seven (7) copies of a packet that includes:

1.     Your case-making narrative on your work in the areas of teaching and advising, scholarship and service;

2.     Your updated curriculum vitae;

3.     Your summary IDEA/SRI data reports;

4.     Your grading tendencies report (from Dean's Office).

5.     Merit distribution worksheet.  

In addition, please provide one (1) electronic version of the primary review materials. Each of items 1-5 listed above should be in five separate files titled:

  1. CM Statement
  2. CV
  3. SRI Folder (This folder will have multiple files)
  4. GT Report
  5. Merit Weightings.

Please provide Jennifer Moon ( in the Dean of Students Office  with these electronic documents either via email or on a flash drive.


One (1) copy of supplemental materials such as:  (file to be returned to review after designated time)

  • Individual IDEA/SRI forms
  • Evidence of student learning (e.g., samples of student papers, exams, projects; pre- and post-test data; other assessment forms)
  • Syllabi
  • Books, articles, papers that have been published or presented.
  • Evidence of creative projects or performances, reviews, etc.
  • Evidence of campus, professional, and/or public service


To be submitted to the Dean's Office: Seven (7) hard copies and one (1) e-copy of Department chair letter



Revised 01-03-12

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