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CORE winter term workshops

CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration) offers workshops on advising, careers and graduate school, internships, research, study abroad and more.

Here are winter term workshops.

Nov. 14
10:30 a.m.-noon
Gerber Center, Gävle Rooms 1 and 2

All students are invited to the CORE Fair to learn about the variety of services of CORE and how it can help.

Resume 101
Nov. 21 and Jan. 18
11 a.m.
Olin 109

This workshop with Kevin Carton will teach students how to create a marketable resume through tailoring their different experiences to align with the qualifications of the jobs they seek.

Developing a Professional Portfolio (and how to use it!)
Nov. 28
11 a.m.
Olin 109

As you interview for a job or for grad school, a professional portfolio of your work will set you apart from the other candidates. Doug Tschopp will explain what these portfolios are and how to use them in an interview.

Nov. 30
11 a.m.
Olin 109

Ninety-five percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find new employees.  Leslie Scheck will explain how to develop a strong LinkedIn profile that will market your experience and skills to potential employers.  The group will discuss how to use LinkedIn to find a job, explore careers, network with employers and connect with alumni.

Building a Portfolio Website
Dec. 2
10 a.m.
Olin 307

This workshop will walk you through the process of planning, designing, and building a portfolio website that can help set you apart as you apply for jobs and internships. You will leave from the workshop with a fully functional simple portfolio website.

Teaching, Working and Grad School Abroad
Dec. 5
11 a.m.
Olin 105

This workshop will cover teaching, working and graduate school abroad, the skills you will gain, how to find a program, building your qualifications, what to consider when attending graduate school abroad, and more.

Interviewing 101
Dec. 7
11 a.m.
Olin 109

Rebecca Marion-Flesch will discuss how to articulate your experiences to employers that highlight your skills for the job.  Attire, phone interviews, video interviews, sample questions, verbal and nonverbal communication in interviews will be covered.

Networking 101
Jan. 11
11 a.m.
Olin 305

Jobs are often filled through word of mouth. Networking is one of the most important skills to learn when looking for new employment opportunities. Kevin Carton will explain the benefits, skills, and tips for networking.

Marketing Your Study Away
Nov. 21 and Jan. 16
10:30 a.m.
Olin 305

This workshop with Allen Bertsche is for any returnee from an Augustana study away program. The workshop will focus on translating the off-campus experience into skills, knowledge and stories which are relevant and appreciated by employers and graduate schools.

Financing Your Study Away
Nov. 21 and Jan. 16
11:30 a.m.
Olin 305

This workshop is for students interested in study away to learn about funding options, including scholarships, grants and finance options relevant to Augustana programs.

Social Media and Self-Promotion
Jan. 16
11:15 a.m.
Gerber Center, Gävle Rooms

Leslie Scheck and Yen Dao will talk about how to use social media for good. This workshop will explore how students can use social media to get ahead in their careers, and conversely, how social media can ruin a reputation and career.

How to Land a Job/Internship
Jan. 23
11 a.m.
Olin 109

Now is the time to start looking for internships and jobs. Leslie Scheck will offer learn tips and tricks and how to discover new employment sources. Gain a better understanding of how to prepare when applying; learn how and with whom to network to land the right opportunity; understand how to create a plan to stay organized, motivated and assertive in the job hunt.


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